Current Sabb to run for President, Union sources reveal

There has been growing speculation emanating from sources within the Students’ Union that the current Finance and Governance Officer, Andy Glyde will be putting his name forward for President in the upcoming sabbatical elections.

Multiple sources have told the Boar that they strongly believe Glyde will be making a bid to replace Stuart “Tommo” Thomson this year.

Glyde responded to the speculation by neither confirming nor denying the possibility, merely stating: “I cannot comment on the rumours you mentioned as it would be completely inappropriate for me to do so.”

Glyde would not be the first sabbatical officer to seek the office of president while presently in a sabbatical positions. Last year, Peter Ptashko, the Education Officer ran against Stuart Thomson but was heavily defeated in the polls with “Tommo” winning a landslide victory.

A key problem identified with the Ptashko campaign was that he was unable to campaign as heavily as his opponent given his responsibilities as a sabbatical officer.

Reaction to Glyde’s possible bid has been mixed. One student commented “I wish he would just leave”, whereas another student said: “Andy Glyde seems competent so would probably make a perfectly decent President.”

Furthermore, there has been some disquiet over the possibility of a current sabbatical officer becoming President and stopping “fresh blood” getting into the Students’ Union. “I would like to see a change at the top, otherwise the Union will be totally cut off from student opinion” said one Union insider.

Others have found the idea of an experienced sabbatical officer preferable to an “outsider.” As one commentator put it “Glyde is a safe pair of hands”.

Glyde is by no means committed to running for the Presidency, and it would not unusual for speculation surrounding a sabbatical officer’s bid to be proved untrue. Last year, Joe Kirby, the Students’ Union President was linked to another possible bid for President which later proved to be untrue.

However the lack of a denial from Glyde and multiple comments from sources within the Union have given greater weight to the possibility of such a bid.

The elections will take place in Week 7, but possible candidates will start feeling around for support over the course of the next few weeks.


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