Students dig into pockets for RAG week

RAG Week 2008 has been described as a “massive success” by its organisers as the annual week of craziness in the name of charity took place on campus. Events this year included a sleep out on the piazza, traffic light disco, five-a-side football tournament and a scavenger hunt.

It was during the scavenger hunt that, when asked to “bring something scary”, one of the teams presented the RAG officials with a male housemate dancing in nothing but a golden thong.

However, the madness didn’t stop there. The RAG team also carried out deliveries to lectures – ranging from anything from pints of beer to personalised lapdances. In one case a wedding ceremony was conducted for two girls in a lecture theatre, using haribo sweets as rings.

In another, a physics lecturer was delivered six pints of Guinness, an Archers and lemonade, two crowns and a lapdance from the RAG animals, all in one lecture.

Anna Martindale, RAG’s I.T. Coordinator, told The Boar that at one point she had to teach the team ‘The Memory Remains’ by Metallica as a serenade request by a student.

All in all, the deliveries and ‘gnomings’ raised more money than they have in the past and Andy White, RAG’s President, said that RAG week was “definitely the most successful event this year.” He went on to praise the hard work and dedication of the RAG team, particularly in light of the fact that there was no RAG Week Coordinator this time around. Martindale also highlighted the kindness of the lecturers who allowed RAG to enter their lecture halls – some of them for up to half an hour at a time – and students for “digging deep into their pockets.”

All the money raised from RAG Week 2008 is being split between six charities: Coventry Haven, St Wilfrid’s Hospice, the local branch of the RNIB, Veerayatan, Zisize and Shelter.

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