Moves for partnership with Indian university

In a bid to further increase Warwick’s links to other countries around the world, the university has recently formed a partnership with India’s Jawaharlal Nehru University. The collaboration will specifically be in the studies of Law, Governance, Social Studies and the Arts.

On Tuesday November 11th, both universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which brought along several important consequences. It specifically commits both universities to a three year program of collaboration through the Institutes of Advanced Study in five academic areas: Language, Literature and Culutural Studies, Social Studies including philosophy, Arts and Aesthetics including Theatre Studies, ‘Law and Governance and International Legal Studies.

The MoU was signed by Professor Michael Whitby on behalf of Warwick who commented that “this new partnership will provide exciting international insights and opportunities for UK and Indian research teams already regarded as leading lights in legal and cultural studies.”

Furthermore, Professor Niraja Gopal Jayal from JNU, who signed the contract on their behalf, also added “there are long-standing links between individual scholars in both universities, and the MoU will provide an opportunity to build upon, expand and institutionalize these in very promising ways.”


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