Jailbreak participants flee Warwick

Intrepid students set off this weekend on the annual Jailbreak adventure, raising money for BBC Children in Need.

The aim of jailbreak is to get as far as possible from campus in 36 hours, without spending any money.

A total of 68 teams, consisting of between two to five students each, departed from the piazza at 9am on Saturday morning, and had until 9pm on Sunday to report their final destination.

Students then had the option of getting back to Warwick in similar fashion, or they could pay to get back more conventionally.

Jailbreak president, Sammy Butters, told the Boar that the event had been moved forward by a week from last year in the hope that bad weather would be avoided. Despite cold weather in the week leading up to Jailbreak, the event went ahead with students told to take “plenty of warm clothes and use their common sense”.

The travellers were in daily contact with the execs to make sure that they were safe. They were assigned a member of the exec and continually updated them on their whereabouts.

Butters described how this year, one team was offered a lift in “the back of the hearse”, whilst another was given fancy dress outfits and “driven to a German beer festival”.

The event raised £16,000 for BBC Children in Need, and organisers are hoping to beat that figure this year.


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