Glitches ‘N’ Bugs E.P.

Alternative, down-tempo, acoustic, what a fine combination, and why have I not heard of this band before? The Shortwave Set is a great example for why it is worth your time to scan Myspace in search for something new, instead of relying on your iTunes for everything. ‘Glitches ‘N’ Bugs’ is a remix of one of their tracks from their album Replica Sun Machine which was out this May.

The song is melodious and easy-going, complemented very well by the lead singer’s laid-back, almost monotonous voice. I’m almost tempted to classify the genre as spoken-word, when the female singer comes in and sprinkles a bit of pop vibes (in a good way). The song is cute. I loved the xylophone in the background. The chorus sounds something like a school performance, and it gives you a happy kick, the kind you get from hearing the school band style of groups like the Go! Team.

However, for those that rolled their eyes annoyingly at my previous comment, ‘Homesick’ is clearly more experimental, with some of that electronica letting itself be known. In the first few seconds you think you’re hearing the Beastie Boys. Combining this with the repetitive guitar tunes was definitely something different. ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ is the most calming track in the set. It has an echoing melody and an ‘angelic’ quality, with as I’d like to call it, a hippy twist. Only after hearing this one, do you get a real feel of their multilayered style. Their previous work like the The Debt Collection and No Social, incorporates a number of mixes and remixes from a chilled tune to something that sounds like a good party. But back to this.

The ‘Mungolian Remix’ is a taster of what alternative music would sound like if it was placed in a tribal setting. Personally, I’m not a big fan of drawn-out instrumentals. Fair enough, the song is slow, but not that slow. And so I skip to the ‘Marshmellow Mike Remix’ (how is it that alternative artists always come up with the best names for things?). The beat here was more to my liking; it invites some clapping and foot taping. The piano and bass guitar add a bit more character. In all, a good finale that had me calling for an encore. EPs are teasers after all, and this one got my appetite going to hear the full album.


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