“Stanton Sessions Volume 3”

In the decade which has passed since the first release from Stanton Warriors, the duo from Bristol have reached heights unsurpassed by any other breaks artists, achieving crossover success and international fame in a way most ‘underground’ DJs can only dream of through their trademark breakbeat-electro sound and high profile remixes. Stanton Sessions Volume 3 is the massively anticipated latest addition to their revered compilation series. Fabric’s involvement with the release of the CD is representative of the partnership between the Stantons and the London super-club, where the ‘Stanton Sessions’ nights have had their home for the past eight years. At a venue renowned worldwide for constantly booking the freshest and most innovative names in electronic music this is no small feat; this CD demonstrates exactly why the Stanton Warriors have stayed at the top for such a long time, and made their name synonymous with the breakbeat scene.

A divide exists in dance music between sets performed in clubs and mixes recorded in the studio, and DJs often have trouble combining the raw energy of a live show with the precision necessary for a commercially viable CD. However, the Stantons have not only pulled it off, but produced a mix which will surely be a contender for one of the best DJ compilations of the year. Legendary turntablist, Tony Vegas from the Scratch Perverts, calls it “one of the most exciting mixes I’ve heard for years”; accolades don’t come with much more prestige than that.

The position of the breaks genre as a hybrid of electro, hip hop, drum and bass, garage and just about anything else producers decide to throw in is possibly the music’s strongest attraction, and here the Stantons exploit this potential to the fullest degree. Beginning with some infectious, bass-heavy vocal tunes, the mix covers everything from the ‘urban’ sound of producers such as DJ Deekline to the tear out style of Baobinga and ID from the infamous Hardcore Beats collective, as well as a healthy provision of electro from the likes of Digitalism and Boyz Noize. Established mainstream names such as Basement Jaxx and the Chemical Brothers also appear, with the latter providing a suitably euphoric last track in the form of ‘Saturate’. The inspired inclusion of ‘Beggin’, a song by little-known sixties psychedelic rock band Timebox, which is seamlessly slipped in midway through the mix, is a testament to the skills of the duo in terms of both music selection and DJing ability.

As one might expect from a duo who are perhaps more famous for remixes rather than their own productions, exclusives and special edits are plentiful; however, this is not just another collection of the latest tunes. The high quality of the music and the impeccable, creative mixing make this a compilation which is instantly accessible as well as demanding of repeated listening. All the qualities which have made Stanton Warriors a world-beating act feature in Stanton Sessions Volume 3; highly recommended to lovers of any kind of dance music or anyone looking for the perfect party CD.


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