A New Media Centre: half a million pounds easy money for bullish SU

The Students’ Union has said that it has “every confidence” that there will be funding for a brand new £500,000 media centre in the new Students’ Union building.

The building will be home to Warwick Television (WTV), Photo Soc, Band Soc, the Boar newspaper and Radio Warwick (RaW). The new media centre will also be used during holidays to give local communities and schools the chance to use the facilities.

The media centre will be open-plan, with a dedicated studio for RaW and a dark room for Photo Soc among the new facilities to be offered.

The Students’ Union maintains that the media centre remains an ‘integral part’ of the designs for the new Union building.

There are rumours that the President of the Students’ Union has taken a particular interest in the success of the project.

However, there has been scepticism expressed by some members of the media societies, who, whilst supportive, believe that the Students’ Union goal to achieve such funding is “pie in the sky”.

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