The little book of thrills

One of the things that students are most likely to have been dying to receive this summer would be the brand new Students’ Union Booklet! With a brand new colour, brand new logo and brand new sabbatical officers who could not have been thrilled at the excitement of finding out just about everything that had happened over the past few months while we were all away.

It was almost like reading the script of a Hollywood Blockbuster when the first page opened up and said “Welcome to the most exciting year in your Union’s history.” It immediately launched into an excitingly detailed description about the three year strategy that was published last year. I am sure that more than a few students who were reading this were trembling at the mere thought of the three year review that the Students’ Union had published. The President of the Students’ Union was keen to put himself across: “Hi, I’m Tommo” he said. “Look at me, I’m approachable and friendly, look I’m not even wearing a tie,” his smile said.

A whirlwind tour of the SU’s history was followed by some ‘interesting facts’. Did you know that the Students’ Union had sold over 27,000 baguettes last year? I certainly didn’t, but I am glad they have finally managed to settle what must be one of the most over-debated topics at Top B and Score.

The ‘Pidge’ was next and was partnered next to a fascinating description of how the Union worked with feedback, officers, policies and council all eloquently presented to ensure maximum enjoyment. Andy Glyde was the next on to show himself (he was voted best Male at RaW don’t you know?) and his predecessor occupied an interesting place just across with him looking rather glum (perhaps a hint at the state of the Union’s Finances this year?)

We were also told what the all ‘this’ meant “Your Union is exactly that, yours”. Well I am sure that set the record straight for many students.

Lucy Reynolds and Terry Marshall, Societies and Sports Officers respectively then laid the scene for the how to get involved in Warwick, showing once again that Warwick had a range of sports and activities on show again telling us all what it ‘meant’ by explaining “You get great value to top-notch Sports facilities”. Thank you, Terry.

The Booklet then went through (if you were still not quivering from excitement at the first few pages) what was on at the new SU and how the building had changed, there was lots about the range of events going on this year and a quick flick through the Welfare Office with our ‘true northerner at heart’ telling us about her sporting background and society experience (perhaps another run for the Sabb Team is in order next year?)

Sadly at the back of the back, the Education Officer Mohammed Surve (surving the best, last?) told us all about his role in the Union stating how he represented students to the University. Unfortunately his part is somewhat overshadowed by a rather interesting advert for Nightline which offers free condoms and bus timetables.

Once again, the Officers showed themselves together giving us a run through what they are do and what they are responsible for and the whole booklet wound down with the traditional directory.

So the ‘clearer’ brand spanking new Students’ Union Booklet ended, a thoroughly enjoyable read: Exciting, dynamic and green. To quote the Students’ Union Booklet itself “What do I do now?”, I am not sure I can wait till next year…


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