Your money: still welcome at the Union

With the £11 million Students’ Union rebuild still in construction, Union staff are as keen as ever to remind students that they’re still open for business.

Whilst work takes place, the Students’ Union has set up a temporary events structure (TES) on Tocil field. The TES, which can hold up to 2000 people, will be in use until the end of January. It will host the larger Union events such as Monday night’s Top Banana and twice-termly Skool Dayz and will allow the sports societies to hold their weekly booze-fulled circles.

The TES is also intended to host student events such as One World Week and the Real Ale Festival, in addition to University-organised conferences and induction programmes.

The Union has also introduced changes within the old Union building. During the first phase of the building work, alternative and niche events will be held in Tempo, a brand new nightclub with a capacity of 540.

Other changes in the old Union building include the Kami Lounge, the Graduate@Cholo and the Bread Oven. The Kami Lounge combines Rococo’s coffee bar with Quench’s juice and smoothie bar, which they say will provide a “chilled atmostphere”.

Meanwhile, the Graduate@Cholo offers much of the sam as the old Graduate bar in a new setting.

Communications Officer, Mike Pidgeon, stressed to the Boar that the Union is committed to ensuring a wide variety of programmes are available for second and third years as well as freshers. Only time will tell.


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