The sky is your limit with Warwick Sport

I should probably be using this article to shamelessly promote our 77 Sports Clubs, or to shout about the KPMG football and mixed netball leagues. I guess I just did. But before I talk about sport, which is all I tend to do nowadays, I’d like to take this opportunity to say a thank you to the Boar. Your paper has kept me amused in my lectures for 3 years and if anyone is sat in their lecture reading this now, maybe you should take a moment to reflect. What should you really be doing at University? Meeting new people, learning new skills, getting involved in clubs and of course, listening in your lectures.

I’m not going to offer advice on the latter suggestion but I sure can help you on the others. Again, at this point I ought to be reeling off our ridiculously good value Warwick Sport memberships and £4 sports club memberships. But we have a Warwick Sport website to do all that.

So instead let me try and explain why you have to get involved in sport. Allow me to paint a picture… Tuesday week 1, three years ago, and a weary eyed Fresher called Terry wakes up in his Rootes bed. That fateful day began with the realisation that the graffiti fairies had attacked and with the subsequent realisation that when living in shared accommodation with such intelligent and witty housemates, you should always lock your door. Nevertheless, life is full of lessons and I wasn’t to be held back from the showcase taking place in the SU. Indeed, it was the day of the Sports Fair and armed with the usual Fresher fervour but the unusually loaded bank balance (thank you Student Loans Company) I fell into the carefully laid Sports Fair trap – nine clubs and twenty seven pounds. But this is no ordinary trap. This was the best twenty seven pounds I spent at University. It bought me friendships, socials, exercise and the most incredible experiences of my life. It’s hard to describe the character or atmosphere of a sports club. Especially those at Warwick. Welcoming, dynamic, unique are words that I’d choose.

But it’s up to you to judge for yourself. Find the clubs which suit you and have a fantastic time in the process. Sport at Warwick offers something different to everyone, with the one common factor that it is always incredible. In the meantime you should probably get back to your lecture.

Visit for further information, and make sure you attend the sports fair on Tuesday of Week 1 in the Main Sports Centre.


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