Rebuild, what rebuild?

The Students Union (SU) rebuild will not be a disruptive affair for students who live near the construction site.

Mike Pidgeon, the Union’s Communications Officer is confident that any disruption will be kept to an “absolute minimum”. The SU sent letters to all students who would be affected by the construction work. Pidgeon also points out that the noisiest demolition work took place over the summer holidays, when fewest students would be inconvenienced.

The only residence that might be significantly affected is Whitefields 11. The SU had requested Warwick Accommodation not to house students in this residence. However Warwick Accommodation, which is responsible for all campus accommodation, refused because of budget constraints and the sheer number of students who needed campus accommodation.

The organisation also refused to install double glazing in this block. However, since the main demolition work is now complete, noise levels will be significantly lower than before. Ultimately the students of Whitefields will have to decide whether or not to borrow earmuffs from the builders.


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