Freshers Madness

#### Freshers jitters

Everyone is in the same boat. You arrive at Warwick feeling utterly unprepared because you haven’t done the recommended summer reading and fear that everyone somehow knows more about the union, your course or just about your kitchen, than you do.

Never fear, everyone is just as clueless as you are, and that’s part of the fun. Getting lost on campus and in the maze that surrounds the Art Center is simply part of the induction package, so just enjoy the feeling of knowing nothing. Soon enough you’ll know the campus like the back of your hand!

#### Make new friends

You meet so many people that you lose your ability to remember names! During the first few weeks is the only time you can just walk up to people and start a conversation without seeming odd, so make the most of it!

Don’t worry about not remembering anyone’s names, you probably won’t talk to 60% of them again, so just nod and smile when someone begins with ‘hi, my name is…’ But you are also guaranteed to meet the people who will stay with you for life, those special friends who make you feel amazing!

#### Gaining a Facebook addiction

Facebook becomes your social calendar. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on Facebook adding people, stalking people, creating events, joining groups…The opportunities for Warwick activities online is endless!

#### Home sweet home

Your room. It might not at first seem like much, but once you go around a little bit and see how other people live your little corner of campus will seem increasingly better, and by second term you’ll already be calling it Home.

#### Learning to cook

Finding out that you are a better cook than you gave yourself credit. You realise you can survive on cereal and that you have discovered at least 10 new ways to prepare pasta.

#### Try everything

Making the most out of every day, because during Fresher’s Fortnight you get a taster of EVERYTHING Warwick as to offer. From the different nights out at the union to the societies fair, going out every night and experiencing something new is part of what makes Warwick so special, and you won’t know what you like unless you try it!

#### Orientation

For the international students who are moving in by themselves for the first time to England, Orientation is one of the best times you will have, and is one of the specialities of Warwick. You get to meet people from your own country and you instantly make friends in the open, international environment! It makes you feel a lot more comfortable about being at Warwick because not only are you given time to explore the union, you are also taken out to nearby attractions like the Warwick Castle.

#### Party till the morn

Since you live with your friends and not with your parents, having kitchen/corridor parties, getting completely wasted in the union and then crawling back together, really feels like freedom. You are your own boss, so make the most of your precious few years of care free existence!


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