Luke Gardiner

TV adaptations of comic books

As a devout fan of comic books, it is a great time to be alive. From the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe on the silver screen, newly released smash hit superhero video games like Spider-Man PS4, or even some of the exemplary stories coming out of DC in the original medium itself, comics are thriving in a cultural golden age. Television, of course, is not free from the all-encompassing reach of comics in the media zeitgeist and has a significant place in its ability to adapt original comic book stories.
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Posted Mar. 4, 2019

Watching the House of Commons on TV can be incredibly fun

British politics is, conservatively, around forty percent theatrics. As much as laws against showing scenes from Parliament on comedy programs may advocate the opposite of this, I suggest trying to find a single Prime Minister’s Question where a backbencher isn’t trying to steal the limelight with a witty barb at either the...
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Posted Feb. 23, 2019

The generational evolution of the Christmas song

After months of waiting, Christmas time is finally here again. We all know what that means. We can finally dive back into the glue that holds together every successful Christmas celebration – its festive songs. What I find most interesting about Christmas songs however isn’t just how we all can’t...
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Posted Dec. 18, 2018

Spider-Man is timeless, no matter who’s under the mask

In the wake of Stan Lee’s tragic passing, us comic book fans have a chance to look at his most seminal creations. As a diehard Spider-Man buff, I can’t help but think about how the web-head has been written since Stan Lee and Steve Ditko first put pen to paper...
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Posted Dec. 7, 2018