Fiona Brewis

Why is volunteering with refugees and migrants important?

If someone had asked me in the summer holidays where the Eritrea is situated, I would have stared back blankly. If you haven’t heard much about it, it can’t be that important, right? Wrong. In 2016, Eritrea belonged to the group of countries with the highest number of people fleeing...
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Posted Dec. 27, 2018

The ‘unstageable’ made stageable: Paperback review

You’d think that after spending a good 4000 words and several months labouring over the book in my final year of school, I’d rather watch Camus’ L’Étranger being ground to a pulp by the dizzying rotations of the Koan than peruse the 123 pages which caused such pain. Somehow, however,...
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Posted Feb. 17, 2017

Review: The Murderer

Following on from the success of Mr Poe’s Legendarium in 2015, Warwick theatre group Clown Funeral, two-time winners of the Clive Barker award for Performance, takes to the Fringe for the second year running, this time with an adaptation of Luke Kennard’s poem The Murderer. The poem is a dark...
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Posted Aug. 14, 2016

The Fringe – where do I begin?

A walking bath, an army of increasingly inventive flyerers, and a performer shoving a sparkler up her bum. It can only mean one thing; the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has begun. It’s a free world for everyone; a juggler can decide, however questionably, that a good busking spot would be on...
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Posted Aug. 8, 2016