Chelsie Lee

Can we find time for the 9 to 5 grind?

‘Fika’ is the Swedish word for workplace coffee breaks with colleagues. For Scandinavians, coffee is symbolic of relaxation and compliments the congenial company of colleagues. For the frantic financial analyst, the Venti-10-shots-skimmed-milk Americano comes with a side of eyebags and deadline anxieties. Even so, coffee is just one of the...
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Posted Nov. 8, 2018

What’s in a passport?

Passports have hit the headlines in recent months with the Home Office confirming that navy blue passports will be rolled out after Brexit to replace the current European burgundy ones; with immigration minister Brandon Lewis claiming that the move will “restore national identity”. This raises the questions: what is in...
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Posted Jun. 29, 2018