Image: University of Warwick Men's Hockey Club
Image: University of Warwick Men's Hockey Club

Warwick Men’s Hockey claim an easy 2-0 victory against Coventry

A bright midday sun welcomed the Warwick Men’s Hockey kick-off. The atmosphere was amazing and the cheering from the sidelines helped to ensure that Warwick would come away from this match victorious.

Following a season of mixed fortunes for the Warwick 1s, there seemed a chance that Coventry could cause an upset and creep ahead of Warwick during this match. Yet a recent home win against Birmingham had given the team a well-needed boost of confidence and meant that they would come into this match with their game faces on, ready to win. Within just ten minutes into the beginning of the match, Coventry were already showing signs of pressure, conceding a series of short corners which Warwick failed to convert. However, not long after Warwick managed to make an impressive breakthrough a little later in the 18th minute, which sliced apart the Coventry defence entirely.

Warwick’s attack had shone in the first half, it was their defence that came through in the second

The rest of the half followed a similar pattern with Warwick dominating play and attempting to pressurise Coventry into a mistake, which they definitely did. Coventry defended pretty well but a lapse of concentration right at the end of the first half saw them concede a second goal and put Warwick in high spirits that they almost certainly won this match. Although Warwick’s attack had shone in the first half, it was their defence that came through in the second. Despite Coventry exerting a significant amount of pressure on Warwick due to a series of short corners, they still could not convert.

Partly due to opportunities being wasted and partly due to Warwick’s stalwart defence, Warwick managed to not let Coventry University score a single goal. By the end of the match, Warwick had claimed a well-deserved 2-0 win which showcased both their attacking and defensive capabilities. Congratulations to the Warwick 1s on their excellent performance.

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