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Warwick Fencing foiled Coventry’s hopes of winning Varsity

This Varsity weekend, Warwick Fencing took on the challenge of competing against Coventry University and went in with high hopes and a lot of confidence. Although in the beginning there was a slow start due to some technical difficulties with the box and wires that indicate who has won the point not working accurately, it soon picked up and the fencing was truly underway.

To begin, there was the first round with the weapon being Foil which means that you only get a point if you manage to hit your opponent’s chest. It’s a highly technical round which kept all the competitors as well as spectators on their toes. Warwick managed to maintain a good distance from Coventry in this round initially as at one point the score was 25-11, however, Coventry obtained another 8 points in the next round alone so that the score became a lot tighter with 30-19. Although Coventry did put up a good fight during this weapon, Warwick pulled away from them quite quickly and for Foil Warwick won with a final score of 45-22.

There was a great performance from both teams and it was continuously tight between the two universities

After Foil, it was on to Sabre which was a much quicker and more aggressive round than initially anticipated. There was a great performance from both teams and it was continuously tight between the two universities. At one moment Coventry was only a point away from tying, however, that didn’t last long and Warwick kept fighting and putting even more distance between them and Coventry. Unfortunately, at one point Coventry’s anchor had to pull out during his round as he had severe cramping in his leg and could not continue to play on. Due to this Coventry had to put their reserve player in the game which gave Warwick a nice advantage. This round ended with Warwick winning 45-30, which also meant that Warwick had officially won against Coventry at this point.

Even though Warwick already won at this point, the Épée round was definitely worth watching because it was fast and intense. Although it was possibly Coventry’s weakest round, probably due to feeling a little disheartened about knowing they had lost at this point, it was still incredible to see Warwick winning this round with a staggering 45 points to just 18. Well done Warwick Fencing!

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