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Warwick University introduces new measures to combat theft at the library

In response to an increase in the number of reports of theft at the University library, several measures have been put in place in an attempt to tackle this issue.

Posters are now up on all floors of the library, depicting a laptop next to the word “theft”, with the text: “Keep your possessions safe! Never leave your valuables unattended in the library!”

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An automated customer message is also now playing in the library at regular intervals, warning students not to leave their belongings unsupervised.

Library wardens have been warning students not to leave laptops on desks, even if only for a short amount of time. There have been reports of laptops being stolen while students went on bathroom breaks.

The University has confirmed that the general pattern is that there is an increase in the number of reports of theft in the library, and that as a result security staff are also patrolling the library more frequently.

Lydia Clark, MA Writing student, commented for The Boar: “In theory, this new campaign is a good idea. However, I was sat next to a girl in the library last week who was being warned by a steward not to leave her things unattended, when she’d only got up to put something in the bin.

“I think the library should only be so responsible for thefts. Everyone knows the risks of leaving their things unattended, and should be allowed to make decisions as to what they do with their personal items themselves.”

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