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Literary societies: The Writing Society

Have you ever held a pen and written something down? Have you ever touched the keys on your laptop and produced words? Have you ever thought, “wow, I’m really lonely writing away in my room on my own, I wish I could do this with other people around”?

Look no further. Even if you’ve never done any of these things before, the Writing Society is the perfect place to learn how to write – in fact, we can go one step further and help you to improve your creative writing. What??? Writing creatively??? That’s right. You can take your wordsmithery one step further and put pen to paper to become the next George Orwell, Charlotte Brontë, or if you really fancy… Stephenie Meyer?

We welcome people studying any subject, not just creative writing students

Join us in our themed weekly writing sessions for inspiration in where to start your creative masterpiece – from screenwriting to romance, you’ll be scribbling away the next big teen vampire franchise in no time (we don’t judge). If you’ve already begun tip-tapping away your genius into a word document, bring that beauty into one (or two, or three, or all) of our weekly critiquing sessions to get some constructive criticism on how to refine your artistry, and spend time with like-minded individuals looking to socialise and write at the same time.

Want to get to know us first before spilling your creative guts to us? Pop along to one of our socials – we run events like our ice cream and bar crawl for a night out in Leamington Spa, to our Writer All-Nighters for a fun evening inside the Writer’s Room at Milburn House. We welcome people studying any subject, not just creative writing students! It’s great to have a diverse range of students in our midst, especially to submit to our literary magazine, Kamena, which is the perfect opportunity to share your writing with a wider audience across the university.

Want to find out more? Come along to our Meet the Exec event during freshers’ week or pick up an issue of Kamena when you arrive at Warwick!

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