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Milan’s best budget pizza

PIZZA AM (Corso di Porta Romana, 83, 20122 Milano)

 Hands down the best Margherita pizza of my life… and I eat a lot of pizza! This quirky spot, situated only a few minutes’ walk from Piazza Duomo, will not disappoint! Make sure to get there early, as this is a very popular place. Before you know it, the queue to get a table spills down the street. Don’t worry though, you are well looked after whilst waiting, with a complimentary prosecco and a mini piadina! After trying the pizza only menu, you can tell why it is so good! The food and drink prices are extremely reasonable, especially with a limoncello supply  from the barman at the end of the meal! Pizza AM is definitely worth a visit if you want a REAL Italian pizza!

If you opt for the lunch menu, you can get a pizza and a drink for only 10 euro altogether…

SPONTINI (Via Santa Radegonda, 11, 20121 Milano)

It could be said that this is almost an Italian equivalent to the UK’s much loved Domino’s, however with Italian food being so amazing, it is quite possibly the best tasting fast-food pizza you can try! Their chain has many different spots around Milan where you can buy these delicious slices from only 2,80 euro. And when I say slices… well I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself!

DA REGINA 1985 (Via Silvio Pellico, 1, 20121 Milano)

If you are looking for something more traditional, the ‘classic’ Italian experience, I would recommend heading to Da Regina 1985 – only a stones throw from the Duomo itself! The pizza here really is fantastic, and whilst the menu can seem quite expensive, if you opt for the lunch menu you can get a pizza and a drink for only 10 euro altogether… a deal that you won’t find very easily in such a central location!

if you are lucky your pizza may even be delivered to you in the shape of a heart!

FLASH (Via Bergamini, 1, 20122 Milano)

One of my personal favourites…the staff here are always so welcoming. If you are lucky your pizza may even be delivered to you in the shape of a heart! Flash is great because it stays open until from 12pm to 1am, so there is no rush to make it for the lunch sitting (a problem that is quite regular in Milan). Of course, this makes it the perfect midnight snack after a long day on your feet. The prices here are also quite reasonable, and you can avoid service charge by ordering to go. One more thing… the pizza sizes here are beyond anything you would have seen before… they spill off the plate!

DRY MILANO (Viale Vittorio Veneto, 28, 20124 Milano)

This one is good if you’re looking for a chic and swanky option – it is very upmarket and serves insane pizza with equally insane cocktails! The restaurant is separate to the bar, which suits after-dinner drinks. It is a very popular place and is always buzzing late at night!

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