The Assembly

Local Venue: The Assembly

There’s a revolution within Warwick’s student nightlife and it’s happening in one of Leamington’s finest venues: The Assembly. This multi-function venue has recently opened its doors to those who are craving a change in atmosphere, different from the array of sticky student clubs Leamington usually has to offer.

The first of The Assembly’s regular fixtures is the vibrant Nana’s Palace, which offers a fresh burst of funk, soul, hip-hop and house. However, with a mix of DJ’s at each event who really know how to target the crowd, this event is one for everyone. Charlie Sammonds – one of the organisers behind the event – says Nana’s is about ‘getting good people together with good vibes for a good time,’ so if you are up for a night that caters to your music needs, gives profits to charity and goes above and beyond any other in Leamington then get grooving to the Palace.

If Disco Dave ever pulls a night as good as theirs, I’ll eat a copy of the Boar.

The Assembly is also home to Leamington’s newest night, SWITCH. This melting pot of Leamington’s finest DJs is definitely stirring up the nightlife scene. Josh Chin, one of SWITCH ‘s coordinators, claims it ‘sets a precedent with a club night that represents great electronic music’ to the calibre of big cities such as Bristol, London and Manchester.

Chin’s words ring true once you step foot into The Assembly and experience it for yourself. Their last event brought to Leamington two of the UK’s best underground electronic DJs, Bok Bok and Girl Unit, culminating in a fantastic night out that had you dancing till the late hours of the next day and feeling disappointed that it ever had to end.

So whether you’re tired of the same old student nights or just fancy trying something new, The Assembly should be top of your list. It’s not your average night out; it’s a venue which is all about the music, offering a night of great fun, a stunning interior and explosive music while remaining affordable for us students on a budget. Trust me – if Disco Dave ever pulls a night as good as theirs, I’ll eat a copy of the Boar.

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