‘Appy Days: Temple Run 2

Easing into the top of the App store charts is Temple Run 2. The free game has amassed an incredible 170 million+ downloads, making it one of the most successful independent game apps around.

Imangi Studios had their work cut out for them if they were to surpass the game’s hugely popular predecessor, which is why the app includes several new enhanced features to ensure Temple Run 2 lives up to the billing.

Aside from the newly improved graphics, which are great to look at but barely relevant in aiding our enjoyment of a game app, Temple Run 2 has been upgraded significantly.

The most enjoyable new feature has to be the upgraded and more varied game landscape. With the additions of carting through caves and zip lining down ropes high above the jungle landscape, to name a few, the game becomes more unpredictable than its predecessor.

Coins are maintained as the currency of the game. They are vital to the performance of adventurers, enabling you to unlock power ups and characters. Unlockable characters also have various abilities such as ‘instant coin magnet’ which can be activated upon filling up the coin gauge.

Meanwhile, gems, rather than wings, are used to revive your character in game. This new system diminishes the competitive aspect and addictive factor of Temple Run as a whole. Gems are quite difficult to come by during game play but can be bought from the app store – Imangi Studios clearly had their priorities in order on this one.

Although it is questionable as to whether Temple Run 2 surpasses the original, the new game app is still highly addictive and enjoyable. It is a shame however, that Imangi Studios have encouraged using real money to buy your way to high scores, a flaw that serves to slightly diminish the games otherwise prevalent fun factor.

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