Price of purple doubled at Top B in attempt to cut down queues

In a move to reduce the bar queues at Top B the SU has decided to increase the price of purple. The price of purple at Top B used to be £1 however the SU has increased it to £2.25.

Stuart Thomson, SU President, told the Boar that purple took “two times” longer to prepare than other pints and that given the SU had received a lot of complaints about bar queues they decided to increase the price so that students consume drinks which are faster to prepare.

The Boar spoke to several students who doubted the effectiveness of the move. Thomas Wales, a finalist, told the Boar that he did not understand why the SU does not prepare purple prior to Top B.

Mr Thomson said that it was not possible to prepare purple even one hour prior to it being served as it would go flat.

Thomas Curtis, a third year Maths student, posted on the SU forums that “Raising the price of the traditional student drink goes against everything I believe in, I would rather queue for longer and have it than have to pay an extortionate amount”.

Mike Pidgeon, SU Communications Officer, said that they had received mixed reviews about the move with some students supporting it and others opposing it.

He added that the queues at the bar are now shorter than before although he conceded that he did not know whether it was because of the increase in price or because of the new design of the Copper Rooms.

Thomson added that next year all the tills of the SU will be compatible with Eating at Warwick cards and he hopes that this will further reduce bar queues.

Pidgeon stressed that the price of purple on all other nights, including Score, remains the same as before. He also added that the SU was open to suggestions as to how to deal with the bar queues and that the increase in the price of purple could be reviewed.


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