Streeting re-elected NUS President

The National Union of Students (NUS) has re-elected Wes Streeting as its National President. The vote was held during the NUS annual conference in Blackpool during the holidays.

Streeting, a member of Labour Students, beat challenger Rob Owen, of Another Union is Possible, by a margin of 631 to 140.

Labour Students is considered to be on the right side of the NUS’ political spectrum, whereas Another Union is Possible is on the left.

Streeting was educated at Cambridge University, where he was President of the Student’s Union. He was the Vice President (Education) of the NUS from 2006 to 2008 and last year he was elected as the President.

During his first term he conducted institutional reform of the organisation, which Warwick supported after initially opposing it on the grounds that it was not wide-ranging enough. His opponent, Rob Owen, was against the reforms.

After his election Streeting said, “the year ahead will be about fighting for a new deal for students – one that combats, halts and reverses the marketisation of our education system.

“When the university fees review starts later this year we will step up to the plate with an analysis of its failings and a fairer, equitable and sustainable alternative that sees graduates contribute according to the real benefits they obtain and our government putting its money where its mouth is on the importance of education and the necessity to widen access and increase opportunity and aspiration.”

The NUS is an organisation which represents almost all of the students’ unions in the UK, including Warwick’s. Warwick sends twelve delegates to NUS conferences and pays about £40,000 of membership fees per year.

The NUS normally has one conference a year, but this year there have been three, the first two being extraordinary conferences held to vote on reforms of the NUS.


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