William Grove

Sex etc.

William Grove prods the bloated underbelly of TV sex
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Posted Apr. 27, 2010

Show meets world

William Grove escapes from his regular weekly column to interview Tim Dawson, creator of _Coming of Age_, about the future of youth TV on the BBC.
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Posted Jan. 29, 2010

Awful comedy

At the moment, I feel more confused than an obsessive Gary Glitter fan circa 1997. I thought that my relationship with BBC comedy was strong. The Office was funny. I love Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Outnumbered is laugh-a-minute hilarious and I am a big fan of The Mighty Boosh and...
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Posted Dec. 7, 2009

Sci-fi fit for the Topshop generation

Those crazy kids at E4 are at it again, making our Topshop generation their disaffected muses. At least, that’s how it appeared in the adverts for new teen-dream drama Misfits (or, as I wanted to call it, Skins Series Four). We were promised a group of rebel scene-agers causing havoc...
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Posted Nov. 23, 2009