Thomas Bartley

The Covid inquiry is nothing more than perverse theatre

In the last series of political satire, The Thick of It, showrunner Armando Iannucci makes the big set-piece plot story a public inquiry into the ethics of leaking. A clear mimicry of the contemporaneous Leveson inquiry, it forces all the show’s deplorable characters to air their dirty laundry and wilt...
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Posted Dec. 3, 2023

TV’s evolution since the 70s

Reports about the death of linear TV have been grossly overstated. Or have they? It is often said that the days of appointment-to-view television are behind us, as streaming rules the roost and habits change. Is this the case, or was it ever so? It’s time to turn back the...
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Posted Dec. 1, 2023

Novak Djokovic’s unparalleled ability for regeneration

He has seen off Roger Federer and nearly Rafael Nadal. He has seen off Grigor Dimitrov, Alexander Zverev and the first act of great pretenders. Now is he poised to do it all over again? Novak Djokovic, regenerated, shows no signs of ceasing. There was a cool callousness to the...
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Posted Nov. 26, 2023

Multiculturalism is the spanner in the Conservative Party

It was a rare uncomfortable glimmer in Rishi Sunak’s armour, but boy did it show. The Prime Minister was being grilled by Today’s Nick Robinson on Suella Braverman’s suggestions multiculturalism “had failed”. And in one fell swoop, the challenge facing him was set clear. The PM’s first year in the...
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Posted Nov. 9, 2023

Partygate: a searing take on Covid rule breaking

It’s been nearly two years since the Boris Johnson premiership began to disintegrate against allegations of pandemic parties in Downing Street. The impact of the scandal both on Johnson’s reputation and public trust in the present government reverberates. But with the facts now outlined publicly in the Sue Gray report,...
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Posted Nov. 4, 2023

The Reckoning: was BBC’s Savile drama worth it?

It was one of the most tragic and astonishing scandals of our time. The revelations just over a decade ago that Jimmy Savile, one of Britain’s best-known entertainers, was a paedophile and prolific sexual abuser stunned the nation. Since then, Savile’s presence in the pantheon of UK television has been...
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Posted Nov. 1, 2023

The Ingebrigtsens tell an all too familiar tale

Olympic champion, world champion, national sporting icon. They are all titles which indicate sporting legend, but for Jakob Ingebrigtsen mask a far nastier and unhappier truth. In a staggering set of allegations against their father Gjert, Jakob and brothers Henrik and Filip have denounced his behaviour as violent and abusive....
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Posted Oct. 26, 2023

GB News can no longer live by its own rules

For months if not years, GB News had been existing in an uncomfortable grey area. A moment was coming which would expose the fragility of its current regulation; the laxity by which it has been operating since its foundation two years ago. And it now looks as if that moment...
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Posted Oct. 3, 2023

What will Warwick look like 50 years in the future?

In 2073 our ancestors will be celebrating the 100-year anniversary of The Boar, the Earth will be about 2 degrees warmer, and North West will be 60. Needless to say, times are uncertain. A comforting thought would be, what will not change at Warwick until then?  The unwittingly cringy (at...
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Posted Sep. 28, 2023

Heartbreak for Lionesses as England lose Women’s World Cup Final

Often, it is fleeting and singular moments which define competitions. If there is one from England’s World Cup campaign, it was definitely Mary Earps’s penalty save late on in the final. So recurrently during England’s exciting summer in Australia, it was the defence which got the nation out of trouble...
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Posted Sep. 28, 2023