Rachel Hand

The pretentiously weird typesetting of the band and album name isn’t the worst of it: that tattooed, black-mopped singer is none other than Frank Iero. That’s right; this ‘new’ band is affiliated with, shock horror, My Chemical Romance. But thankfully, letting guitarist Iero get his hands on the mic has...
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Posted Feb. 3, 2009

The Architects

The room is only half full when A Textbook Tragedy take to the stage. It’s their first time in the UK, but their brutal metalcore is received enthusiastically. Action-packed and heavily rhythmic, they’re exciting to watch, but lack the melodic interludes that usually bring metalcore to life. Technical difficulties aside,...
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Posted Jan. 20, 2009

Bullet For My Valentine

Taking to the stage to smoke, flashing lights, and a scream of “Tonight, we dine in hell!” is quite a claim for a support band. But Bleeding Through deliver a ferocious metalcore set, including material from new album Declaration. The poor security guards don’t look very happy when a “high...
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Posted Nov. 25, 2008