Rachel Gore

What made this year’s Super Bowl so special?

This year’s Super Bowl saw the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime with a score of 25-22. Every year the game attracts an enormous audience with approximately one-in-every-three people in the United States tuning in to watch the match. The 2024 Super Bowl was no exception....
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Posted Mar. 17, 2024

Local charity Safeline awarded £415,000 grant

Safeline, a charity based in Warwick that supports victims of sexual violence, has won a £415,000 grant from the government. The charity’s work has been recognised by the government which announced, on Monday 4 March, that they will be giving a £10 million package to charities across England that help...
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Posted Mar. 8, 2024

Another win for Warwick: Varsity 2024

This year’s varsity competition saw the University of Warwick earn their 34th consecutive victory over Coventry University. Varsity took place on Saturday 24 February and saw a strong turnout from both universities as students gathered to support and cheer on their friends and teammates. Warwick, who hosted the event, came...
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Posted Feb. 25, 2024

History in the making: A roundup of the Australian Open

This year’s Australian Open was laced with history; it saw some of the oldest doubles winners, some of the youngest singles champions, a legion of 400 ball boys and girls, and over a million spectators passing through the Melbourne Park gates. Here’s a roundup of 2024’s first major tournament. Jannik...
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Posted Feb. 13, 2024

BREAKING: All motions pass in Spring 2024 All Student Vote

All five motions proposed as part of the Warwick Students’ Union (SU) Spring 2024 All Student Vote (ASV) have passed. These include motions to “better support students with part-time jobs”, “Guarantee the Right to Food for the Warwick Community”, and to “Protect ‘Angels’ in Pop!”. In total, there were 662...
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Posted Feb. 2, 2024

How has women’s football changed in the last 50 years

As we entered the 1970s, the 50-year-long ban from the Football Association (FA) which prevented women and girls from playing football was still in place, only being lifted in 1971. English women’s football: a brief history The last half-century has been transformative for women’s football, and the dramatic history of...
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Posted Jan. 14, 2024