Jack Prevezer

Courageous but confused: Shakesoc’s Merchant of Venice

Rating:  Anyone who knows me knows that I have the unique talent of somehow managing to crowbar my Jewish faith into every conversation, so I naturally leapt at the opportunity to review Shakesoc’s reimagining of The Merchant of Venice, directed by Joe Matty. This remains one of Shakespeare’s most problematic...
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Posted Jun. 23, 2017

The Graduate Scheme alternative: start up your career

Uber. Airbnb. Snapchat. What do these companies have in common? Most obviously, they’re all wildly successful, holding a collective value exceeding $120 billion. However, what you might not know is that these now ubiquitous brands began as start-ups. More and more start-ups are being created each year in a range...
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Posted Apr. 11, 2017

Tinder Social – Swipe with friends?

So goes Tinder Social’s slogan. Your News Editor and Deputy Editor-in-Chief embarked on an epic quest to find out if this was truly the case. Admittedly, this wasn’t our initial plan. We had planned a BIG night out with our fellow raver and Lifestyle Editor, Gerard. Alas, it became a...
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Posted Nov. 13, 2016

TV shows set at university

The Boar TV writers tell us about their favourite shows about or set in a university  Fresh Meat Jack Prevezer  Arriving at university, you swiftly realise that it isn’t all about tequila, threesomes and ‘third degree gurns’. Rather, the experience is captured by writing 3000 words at 3am, while intravenously pumping...
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Posted Jun. 17, 2016