Ollie Hotchin

Live fast, Dai Yongge: The sad tale of Reading FC’s drawn-out demise

A roiling sea of blues and whites slowed. The way the tide would next turn hinged upon the spot kick of Huddersfield Town’s steadfast German centre-back. The tenth of the shootout. Schindler’s twist. With a crash, the murmuring froth billowed into a fearsome swell, tearing across Wembley’s cavernous interior. White...
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Posted Feb. 15, 2024

Chelsea fail to impress at home again

Welcome to Stamford Bridge. Please take your seat and prepare for kick-off. Your future support is much appreciated. We hope you enjoy your evening. This is the Chelsea of 2023. A corporate, bland, mind-numbing experience that tranquilises and frustrates in equal measure. As the game started, Bruno Saltor, the new...
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Posted Apr. 18, 2023

A French leave: the tale of England’s World Cup exit

This one felt different. The sense of deflation acute, yet different. At the Al-Bayt Stadium last Saturday evening England played football. They pressed, they fought and, despite not creating a plethora of chances from open play, they were arguably the better team. This was unlike Croatia and Italy where previous...
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Posted Dec. 27, 2022