Michael Rennett

Dead Rising 2

The world has changed drastically since 2006. Back then, _Dead Rising_ was a huge hit, placing Frank West in a shopping mall full of zombies, with three days to solve the mystery of their appearance and escape. Whilst the game was based on countless B movies, with a stereotypical plot,...
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Posted Nov. 10, 2010

Can Google reinvent the television?

Our lives are dominated by technology. We consume entertainment on our televisions, converse with people through our mobile phones, work on our computers and browse the internet (if you can afford it) on a tablet device sitting around the home. Whilst the purposes of these different devices may blend into...
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Posted Nov. 7, 2010

Fifa 2011

Like the approaching winter, the student overdraft and the rise in tuition fees, there’s no escaping Fifa. The footballing juggernaut, which has confidently overshadowed _Pro Evolution Soccer_ for the past couple of years is back – but is it worth shelling out another £40 for? The short answer? If you...
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Posted Nov. 3, 2010

Fable II

Fable 2 is all about choice. Whether you decide to be an evil tyrant or a kind-hearted soul, the way your story pans out is in direct relationship to your choices in and out of the game. After all, the main plot is rather basic, and charging through at breakneck...
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Posted Nov. 18, 2008