Matthew Dale

Can Youtube become the next big Streaming Service?

Youtube has been an interesting niche in the media ecosystem. What once started as amateur videos by outcasts has become the video platform of the Internet and one study calculated 13-24-year-olds watch 4 more hours of Youtube than conventional TV per week. You can’t deny that it’s a key cog...
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Posted Jul. 25, 2018

Why a Buffy reboot is a terrible idea

When I checked my phone on a fateful Saturday morning, I certainly didn’t expect to read an announcement that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was getting a reboot. Although I was a mere foetus when the first episode premiered I eventually watched it and was rewarded with some of the best...
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Posted Jul. 23, 2018

Gareth’s greatest gift has been a renewal in tactics

Growing up as a fan of the English national football team hasn’t been easy. My first vivid memory was of the 2006 World Cup, and of angrily storming out of the room in a manner which was only slightly less petulant than Rooney’s stamp. As I’ve grown older and watched...
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Posted Jul. 12, 2018

We must debate climate change as the socio-economic issue it is

The Committee on Climate Change was recently quoted as stating that several governmental departments remain ignorant to the issue of rising temperatures. That doesn’t surprise me because, despite recent progress, it isn’t enough, and getting people to care is hard. As someone who has been taught about climate change from...
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Posted Jul. 11, 2018

Student mental health is in crisis

Hong Kong University recently published research showing that UK student suicide rates have risen by 56% in the last decade to 10.3 per 100,000 meaning students are now more likely to commit suicide than the general population. The research is the latest coverage on a mental health crisis raging in...
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Posted May. 24, 2018

The problems with VAR make it unsuitable for the World Cup

As if the Russian World Cup wasn’t already controversial enough, it will now also be the first World Cup to utilise video assistant referees (VAR) which has had a tumultuous birth as a series of high-profile cases since its introduction to the FA Cup has raised serious question marks. VAR...
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Posted May. 12, 2018