Martina Scapin

Women’s Week pushes boundaries

International Women’s Week took hold of Warwick University last week, with a range of events that included a 'living room' in the Piazza lined with facts about women and domestic abuse.
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Posted Mar. 10, 2009

Brakes put on tuition fee rise

The ongoing debate over a potential increase in tuition fees has been delayed due to both major governmental parties wanting to wait until after the general election to tackle this issue.
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Posted Mar. 3, 2009

Researchers say girls suffer most from bullying

A team of researchers led by Warwick Psychology professer, Dieter Wolke, have found that girls are twice as likely as their male counterparts to suffer from bullying. Their research paper entitled “Who escapes or remains a victim of bullying in primary school?”, was the result of the study, which examined...
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Posted Jan. 20, 2009