Mairi Humphreys

A dress for the weekend

For years people have been buying clothes second-hand. Charity shops and now websites such as Vinted are a popular alternative to purchasing clothing brand new. This is good for the environment and for our bank accounts. However, other fashion problems still aren’t solved by this. We quickly run out of...
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Posted Jul. 22, 2024

Beach body ready

Sun’s out, holidays are booked, and the barbecue is back in use. There is so much to love about summer. But the season comes with its own set of challenges. Summer creates pressure to perfect our bodies. But where does this come from, and how can it affect people? Something...
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Posted Jun. 17, 2024

She’s a girl’s girl

Feminism is not a new concept, but Generation Z is putting a spin on it. Across social media and in real life, women are using their voices to share exactly what it means to be a girl in this day and age. But how do you use ‘girl maths’? Is...
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Posted Jun. 13, 2024