Kate Arsac England

International Women’s Day: the women who have inspired us

International Women’s Day aside, this week has been one where the experiences of women have been more openly discussed than they have been for a long while. It is only right that we all continue to celebrate women and their contributions to society. In this light, The Boar Features asked...
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Posted Mar. 14, 2021

Hidden parasites of the human brain

TW: disturbing imagery, psychiatric disorders, suicide  This article is not suitable for hypochondriacs  Beyond the realm of science fiction, there are several creatures out there that can actually change the behaviour of the humans and animals they infect.  I will present two parasites in particular: Toxoplasma gondii, a protozoan parasite...
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Posted Feb. 9, 2021

Should misogyny be classed as a hate crime?

A new report by Citizens UK states that women are three times more likely to experience threats and acts of sexual violence and assault than men. The study, which involved focus groups in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester and Cardiff, also found that gender-motivated hate already factors in one-third of hate...
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Posted Nov. 4, 2020

Covid-19 has exposed stark gender inequality in sport

Women are doing more sport than ever before. The ranks of female athletes have been steadily growing since they were first allowed to participate in the 1900 Olympic Games. Considered a “male-only” hobby in the past, sport has increasingly become accessible to women and girls around the globe. Despite this...
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Posted Oct. 19, 2020

A surprising role of viruses

Although often associated with causing disease, viruses also have important ecosystem functions.  It has been suggested that marine viruses could play a role in annual cycles such as spring phytoplankton bloom crashes. Phytoplankton are microscopic algae that can form spring blooms so large they are visible from satellites. However, at...
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Posted Sep. 7, 2020