Jess Holt

Our House: The Madness Musical Review

Whether they’re a firm favourite in your parents’ ‘blast from the past’ CD collection, or you saw them on the Glastonbury Pyramid stage this summer, we all recognise a Madness hit when we hear one. Their songs are instantly infectious, urging us to put on our baggy trousers and get...
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Posted Nov. 18, 2017

Reading for well-being

The benefits of reading for well-being are hugely supported by recent studies, concluding that the books on our shelves can offer alternative pathways to positive thinking.  Books can positively impact the health of the reader if they are considered not only as a source of entertainment, but as tools for...
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Posted Oct. 20, 2017

Celebrating creativity: why we should all learn drama

Sandwiched between a sister who graduated in Chemistry and a brother off to study Physics, my English Literature degree seems to stick out like a sore thumb. Being the odd one out, the age-old debate between the arts and sciences seems to swallow me up, along with my books. With...
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Posted Apr. 8, 2017