James Kersley

The uncertain future of the political genre

“Democracy is so overrated”. This is one of Frank Underwood’s signature Machiavellian remarks in Netflix’s flagship show House of Cards. Similar words to the arch villain’s mantra flashed through my mind when America decided on its 45th President earlier last month.  The last year has been one momentous political surprise after another – “the times they are a-changin’”....
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Posted Dec. 10, 2016

Free Education: is it moving anywhere?

It’s easy to have the right sentiments; to smell injustice and try to change things. I applaud this behavior - political engagement is undoubtedly a good thing. However, I become frustrated when people attempt to translate these attitudes into effective policies. For me, the most explicit example of this failing is the various Free Education movements, with half-baked policies and ineffective demands.
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Posted Dec. 6, 2015

Crimson Peak

James Kersley reviews Guillermo Del Toro's beautiful, stylish Gothic horror Crimson Peak, a film that is more memorable and visually stunning than it is actually horrifying.
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Posted Nov. 3, 2015