Henry Riley

Dear Vince Cable: What the new Lib Dem leader can do to win

On Thursday Vince Cable was crowned as the newest leader of the Liberal Democrats. Whilst he only inherits a modest parliamentary party of 12 MPs, he also commands an admirable membership of over 105,000 and growing. If the Liberal Democrats are to become a progressive, centrist political movement in the...
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Posted Jul. 27, 2017

Review: ‘The Good Canary’

John Malkovich’s London directorial debut does not disappoint. The ensemble and visuals are superb in displaying the harrowing journey for Jack (Harry Lloyd) and Annie (Freya Mavor) that leads from drug addiction. It would be easy to assume that a non West End theatre would struggle immensely in attracting A-list...
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Posted Oct. 8, 2016

Documentary: The Killing$ of Tony Blair

Before the film had even started George Galloway, producer of The Killing$ of Tony Blair adumbrated that this film would make them laugh, cry, and be angry. In this 30 seconds he was seemingly more honest than Tony Blair has ever been in his life. George Galloway’s film, crowd funded...
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Posted Aug. 2, 2016