Gunisha Aggarwal

The World Goes Around: an enchanting night at the Loft Theatre

The World Goes ‘Round at the Loft Theatre is an exuberant revue about the joie de vivre of life. There was not a moment of monotony as the entire cast, consisting of Martha Allen-Smith, Kim Arnold, Chris Gilbey-Smith, Ben Munday and Val Whitlock, performed with gusto. Conceptualised by Scott Ellis,...
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Posted Feb. 17, 2024

Revelations about the AI revolution for the future of podcasts

ChatGPT, Dall-E, generative AI, machine learning, neural networks… You must have heard or read about these buzzwords in the news recently. The advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are reimagining the world as we know it. These technological advancements are seeping into different fields, and the world of podcasts is no...
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Posted Sep. 28, 2023