George Bailey

Streams And Sexual Exploitation: The Dangerous Power of Gaming Personalities

Matthew “Caffcast” Meredith and Yogscast CEO Mark “Turps” Turpin have both been fired for inappropriate actions towards fans, with another creator Paul “Sjin” Sykes under investigation for a similar issue. These individuals allegedly used their positions and their fame to sexually exploit female fans. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated...
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Posted Aug. 5, 2019

Warning: Do not play these games

If you were to ask any gamer on the street what the worst game ever is then they might give you an answer of No Man’s Sky, the game that deceived everybody with its size, scope and gameplay. Perhaps Aliens: Colonial Marines, where trailers for the game looked nothing like...
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Posted Mar. 16, 2019

Dead men tell no tales pt. 1

The writing has been on the wall for quite some time and what’s more is that the blame rests at Telltale’s own feet. The main factor that led to collapse of Telltale Games is honestly rather simple: their video games weren’t selling. According to the Steamspy, the first Walking Dead...
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Posted Oct. 25, 2018

Political satire and indie games

Art has a longstanding tradition of being created for a political satire. Whether that is 60’s music attacking the establishment to cartoons found in the back pages.  Yet despite the growing acceptance that video games are an art form, there are very few games which tackle politics, let alone through satire. This...
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Posted Aug. 30, 2018

30 years of hurt, never stopped me gaming

Football is coming home apparently. At least that’s what I hear from almost any person on the street who is either inebriated or just come from watching England win against whatever country they just played. But for many like myself, watching the football leaves us feeling like Moss from the...
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Posted Jul. 11, 2018

Is the relationship between Games and Music all played out?

On the surface, the relationship between video games and music seems to be a straightforward one. One of the integral features that makes a well-written, mechanically strong video game into a masterpiece is music. On the flip side, video games benefit the music industry in many ways too. Then there...
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Posted Feb. 17, 2018

Breaking the Ice with Videogames

Starting university can be a tough experience, especially if you’ve grown in the same general area for the first eighteen or so years of your life. With living on your own for the first time and the pressures of doing a university course all in a very unfamiliar environment with...
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Posted Aug. 19, 2017