Eleanor Stanford

A Stein Of The Times

As Gertrude Stein's old collection goes up for display in the Grand Palais, Eleanor Stanford takes a good hard look.
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Posted Oct. 12, 2011

A farewell to the arts

With plans of 'Big Society', the current government is explicitly choosing scientific knowledge over the expression of individuals through arts and their contribution to culture
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Posted Mar. 16, 2011

Oily smiles won’t wash

On the 20th April the BP rig Deepwater Horizon exploded off the Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven people. Experts estimate that the spill has now leaked up to 45 million gallons of oil into the surrounding waters. The White House energy advisor Carol Browner has heralded it as “the biggest...
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Posted Jun. 23, 2010

Boris bumbles as London stumbles

In early summer 2008, Boris Johnson was elected Mayor of London and I was taking my A-Levels. Through a caffeine-induced haze my young mind often confused the Conservative candidate with my revision on ex-PM Lord Palmerston. He is characterised for his light-hearted approach to governance He has been publicly criticised...
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Posted Mar. 16, 2010