Charlotte Creamore

Commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall

After completing my A-Levels in the summer of 2018, a friend and I decided to take a trip to Berlin to celebrate the end of our time in compulsory education and attempt to take our minds off our impending results. At the top of our list of historical sites to visit was what remained of the wall that divided the city from 1961 to 1989. The Berlin Wall served to segregate West and East Berlin, separating families in a vain attempt to build a socialist state in East Germany. This month marked the 30-year anniversary of its demolition. 
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Posted Nov. 27, 2019

Understanding Brexit through literature

It seems as if that fateful day is buried deep in the distant past, as though we have never existed in a world where the phrases ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘the country voted!’ weren’t regularly splashed across the pages of newspapers or screamed down the phone by angry LBC listeners....
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Posted Mar. 21, 2019

Getting back into pleasure reading: books for the non-reader

For many of us at Warwick who have essay deadlines, group projects, and January exams hanging over our heads, it seems as though it will be impossible to stick to our New Year’s resolution of finding time to read for pleasure. It is always important to remember that reading for...
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Posted Jan. 24, 2019

Depictions of winter celebrations in literature

With the festive season finally upon us, it is not simply the Christian holiday of Christmas that is so beautifully depicted in literature, but winter holidays from a variety of faiths. It is time to reminisce over the nostalgic depictions of winter celebrations in much-loved literary works. No such list...
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Posted Dec. 25, 2018

The ultimate literary Christmas dinner guest list

To compile a dinner party guest list of literary characters is a considerable feat for a literature student. However, it is made all the more challenging when it involves having to incorporate these characters into arguably the best holiday of the year; it is important to carefully choose a wide...
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Posted Dec. 16, 2018

Literary characters at the Boxing Day sales

The Boxing Day sales are a time reserved for those who, no matter what time of the year, are obsessed with finding a good deal: ‘the shopaholics’. Or maybe those who wish to get started on their Christmas shopping for the following year before the first of the fireworks blast...
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Posted Dec. 9, 2018