Bradley Barnes

Bed shortages in UK cities leave students in an accommodation nightmare

A combination of rising rents, demographic shifts, and a fall in the supply of purpose-built student accommodation has created a bed shortage. Many students in the UK have been left in an accommodation nightmare.    Students unable to secure accommodation close to their university have been forced into hotels, dodgy contracts and even neighbouring cities.  Oluwasola Adesulu, a 23-year-old student at the University of Law, had...
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Posted Aug. 19, 2023

Russell Group universities introduce guiding principles on AI

Since ChatGPT launched last November, there have been concerns that generative AI could undermine academic integrity by allowing students to cheat on their assignments. All 24 members of the Russell Group, which contains many of the UK’s top universities, have agreed on five guiding principles to inform their policy on...
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Posted Aug. 11, 2023

True colours: dismantling the myth of corporate allyship

It’s coming to the end of Pride Month and we have once again found ourselves in the middle of ‘Rainbow Capitalism’ as companies promote Pride-themed products and state their support for the queer community. Yet it is not allyship which prompts corporations to behave in this way, it is money...
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Posted Jul. 2, 2023