Bhaarghavi Iyer

The ultimate Warwick bucketlist

Freshers is undoubtedly a thrilling yet nerve-wrecking experience in any student’s life. Moving away from the comfort of home after 18 years and forging new friendships can be incredibly daunting. As a former fresher, I can confidently say there is a distinctive type of exhaustion that comes with socialising day-in...
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Posted Sep. 27, 2018

Tips from a travelling summer intern

Six AM alarms. 13-hour work days. Networking drinks till late. Caffeine and stress overload. Perpetual exhaustion. And the cycle repeats five times a day, for eight weeks.   This was my schedule as a summer intern in the financial industry in Edinburgh. And this is what I was most apprehensive...
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Posted Sep. 14, 2018

Hall Wars: A complete guide to Warwick’s first year halls

Applying for your first year accommodation can be daunting and stressful, particularly if you haven’t visited the halls you’re applying to. Warwick guarantees on-campus accommodation for most first-years. Of course, you can always check the specific details on the Warwick on-campus accommodation web-pages, but what better way to decide where...
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Posted Aug. 21, 2018

The ‘quarter-life crisis’

It’s the beginning of a new year, you’re back at university after a lovely Christmas with friends and family, and you must re-adjust to being a struggling, independent adult. The caffeine intake increases to finish that 2000-word research paper due in 48 hours, and sleep is forgone to juggle society...
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Posted Feb. 24, 2018

WMG engineers work on building the next generation “Boris Bikes”

Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) engineers helped England’s longest-established bicycle manufacturer, Pashley Cycles, win the contract to supply the next generation of bicycles for Transport for London (TfL) ‘Cycle Hire Scheme’. Formerly known as “Boris Bikes”, the brand-new fleet of London’s Santander Cycles hit the streets of London last week. WMG’s...
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Posted Nov. 16, 2017