Ben Creeth

Male contraception: tête-à-tête

Warwick students weigh in on the controversial ‘male pill’   A male’s view I’m a straight white male. From atop my pillar of privilege, it’s important to state that I am thoroughly supportive of research into an effective male contraceptive. I think that the resounding predominance of female contraceptive options...
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Posted Nov. 21, 2016

Are good shows sacrificed for ratings?

Utopia first hit UK screens in 2013. With a complex plot, nuanced characters and delicate lashings of ultraviolence, Utopia mixes conspiracy, moral dilemma and British humour in an uncompromising visceral masterpiece. Its surreal tone is emphasized by a vivid colour palette and a soundtrack which seamlessly encapsulates the brilliance of...
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Posted Nov. 16, 2016