Amy Maloney

How going sober saved my university experience

University has unfortunately become synonymous with drinking due to the culture that permeates both student experience and nightlife. As a third-year student who made the conscious decision to go sober towards the end of 2022, in almost two years of sobriety I have learnt a lot about myself and the...
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Posted Jul. 13, 2024

Weaving History successfully portrays a forgotten thread of working class history with an exploration of the Lancashire Cotton Famine.

“Maybe we should bring poetry sections back in newspapers”, Weaving History’s writer and presenter, Ruth-Anne Walbank, expressed when sat alongside producer Daniel Woodburn to discuss with The Boar their podcast and the significance of their exploration of working-class poetry from the Lancashire Cotton Famine. This comment followed the acknowledgement that...
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Posted Jul. 9, 2024

What Pride means to me

Every Pride month since the formative years of my teens, I have reflected on what the month means for my identity and investigated Pride history and its significance to today’s LGBTQIA+ culture. Some years (due to being closeted), I would be envious of those who were able to celebrate and...
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Posted Jun. 20, 2024

Independent Bookshop Week

As the end of assignment and exam season is quickly approaching, the occurrence of Independent Bookshop Week is exciting. It is a week-long event which all students and booklovers should have in their summer diary.     Independent Bookshop Week will be taking place between the 15 and 22 June, with...
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Posted Jun. 11, 2024