Aidan Barlow

Judge shows mercy as ‘have a go’ heroes take the spotlight

With the release of Munir Hussain on a ‘mercy’ judgment, the criminal law relating to self defence has once more been thrown into controversy. Hussein had been convicted of assaulting an intruder, Walid Salem, who had threatened Hussain’s family and tied them up after intrusion into their home. Hussain later...
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Posted Feb. 2, 2010

Left behind

Why a usually liberal Europe seems to be losing faith with the left since the start of the economic downturn.
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Posted Jun. 22, 2009

The scourge of unemployment

Unemployment and those seeking jobseeker’s allowance has now risen to its highest point in over a decade. It is estimated that there are now over two million people out of work, and the figure is ever rising.
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Posted Feb. 3, 2009