Adam Fraser

Kings of Convenience

My first brush with this Norwegian duo was in a friend’s shed five years ago. There they trampled out a path in my memory so distinct that on hearing them again something vague is reaffirmed, acknowledged. Forgive my nostalgia, but such sentiment seems apt for a band that seem to...
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Posted Oct. 27, 2009

Memory Lane

With the release of their latest album, The Eternel, Adam Fraser takes another look at Sonic Youth's back catalogue.
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Posted Jun. 22, 2009

Big Chef takes on Little Chef

Newcomer to TV-chef royalty, Heston Blumenthal, kicked off Channel 4’s Great British Food Fight season last week, and he started in style. The once-great ‘British Institution’ Little Chef is to receive a much needed culinary colonic irrigation from the master of molecular gastronomy. Yet for all the bombast that this...
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Posted Feb. 3, 2009

From Monument to Masses

This night was one of threes. The three-man band from three edges of the US manages to bring together a vast array of influences whilst retaining a strong feeling of ingenuity. From Monument to Masses’ songs from their upcoming third original release (excluding the album of re-mixes) provided some interesting...
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Posted Nov. 18, 2008