Becky Wadley

The scarcity of internships in the arts sector

For many, a career in the arts seems an unattainable dream. The industry is famously competitive and opportunities to work in it are rare. In other industries, getting a paid internship is a great way to get the experience needed to kickstart a career, but in the arts this is...
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Posted Jan. 29, 2019

Campus spots to make your course reading more enjoyable

Probably like most people, my favourite place to do my course reading is in bed. There’s nothing more cosy than being wrapped in my duvet with a cup of tea as I settle down to attempt to conquer my reading for the week. Unfortunately, I get easily distracted when reading...
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Posted Sep. 7, 2018

Brontë review: A confused production lacking emotional impact

After spending much of this year studying Charlotte Brontë, the opportunity to see Brontë at the Loft Theatre was one I could not turn down. The possibility of seeing the lives of one of the most famous families from the British literary canon coming to life on stage promised to...
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Posted Jun. 12, 2018

All the music societies your heart desires: The three orchestras

Next in line are instrumental ensembles, the three orchestras: String, Wind and Symphony – showing off all the musical talent with numerous performance throughout the year. STRING ORCHESTRA The University of Warwick String Orchestra is a classical ensemble, with members playing the violin, viola, cello and occasional double bass. We...
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Posted Oct. 12, 2017