Lydia Norris

Working at summer camps: trials and tribulations

Since returning to Warwick, I don’t think I’m alone in engaging in the usual exchange of: “ah we haven’t seen each other in four months, but we were kind of friends before, and now I’ve seen you on the U1 and we have to awkwardly make conversation for thirty-five minutes”....
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Posted Oct. 15, 2017

Standing up as a student: life as a student comic

If someone had told me two years ago that I would start performing stand up comedy at university, I would have said that that was a funnier idea than any joke I could ever write. But two years later and I’ve performed stand up at student and external gigs and...
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Posted May. 12, 2017

Retrospective: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

A few days ago I returned home from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016, and I am completely exhausted. I am so tired I’m pretty sure I can smell colours now. In many ways the fringe was the best experience, but it was also the worst. I don’t think I have...
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Posted Sep. 6, 2016